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Olympic Family Hotels Assure You a Comfortable Stay in Beijing

The 2008 Summer Olympics known in official jargon as the Olympics of the XXIX Olympiad will be worked off in the historic Chinese city of Beijing during the month of August. The city of Beijing expects about 500,000 foreign visitors to the city in lieu of the Olympics. However, the city is only geared to handle up to 350,000 foreign tourists at once, therefore an obvious issue of accommodation for tourists’ crops up. As a remedy for this situation the Chinese authorities have earmarked hotels and lodges that conform to the necessary standards of hospitality and service as “Official Olympic Family Hotels.” 

According to this plan Beijing will be able to accommodate up to 600,000 tourists, hotels within close proximity of the main Olympic stadium –the Bird’s Nest will automatically be approved as Official Family Hotels while other modes of accommodation such as home stay and bed & breakfast will also be used to increase the number of rooms that are available. Though a relatively new concept in the Chinese travel and tourism sector, Chinese authorities are going ahead with their plan to approve suitable properties that can offer comfortable accommodation for visitors to the Beijing Olympics.

The Chinese themselves are extremely enthusiastic about this new home stay concept and have gone to great lengths to ensure that their homes are in tiptop shape, they say that it is an excellent opportunity to bond with other nationalities. While their guest can also experience home cooked Chinese cuisine, forge treasured friendships and get an in depth look at the lifestyle of an average Chinese family which has long remained an enigma to Westerners.

Apart from these unorthodox forms of accommodation many a Beijing hotel has also been approved as an “Official Olympic Family Hotel”. The daily rates at these hotels range from 50 to 80 US dollars a day. Among them is the historic Raffles Hotel, Beijing which is a Beijing luxury hotel that has been at the forefront of the city’s hospitality industry since the 1900’s.

Author: NMarasinghe