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Family Travel Ideas In California

California is a perfect place to go for family, there are many destinations that the whole family would enjoy.

Family Travel in Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium is an ideal family travel vacation with its wide array of sea creatures to amuse visitors of any age. Their exhibits have gotten numerous awards, including animals such as giant octopus, various sharks, otters, and jellyfish, among others. The place is known for its many aquariums, which your family can explore through their aquarium map. One whole day is good enough to enjoy many interesting sea animals on display, and your family can learn at the same time enjoy. There are daily programs and activities for first time visitors, check out to make sure you get the best of the Bay Aquarium have to offer. Their programs include Aquarium Adventures where your family travels and immerse in field observations and studies of various sea animals. There are also Guided Tours for groups of 6 to 10 people that will allow you in-depth and behind-the-scenes tours and destinations in the aquarium.

First time visitors in Lake Tahoe

In Northern California, Lake Tahoe has much more destinations to offer for first time visitors than just a lake. It has a rich history in its making, since it was formed as a result of geological faults shifting. The destinations consist of various accommodations for a perfect weekend getaway with the family, such as amusement parks, picnics, bowling, golf, and even movies. You can choose to stay at one of the many destinations in Lake Tahoe, or if your family travel is more of adventurous type, you can go camping. Explore the beautiful outdoors by foot or by bike. Experience the 10th deepest lake in the world and all its beauty together with your family for a wonderful bonding destinations and experiences that will allow you to appreciate nature at the same time.


Hollywood has city passes for the whole family travel, consisting of day tours in museums like Behind-the-Scenes, Hollywood Entertainment Museum, the Hollywood Wax Museum, among many others. Hollywood Studios is the location of many film classics, such as Jaws, with rides and various souvenir stores. You can also take bus tours and view homes of the stars in the Los Angeles area for your destinations, and check out the world famous Walk of Fame and find the footprint of your favorite stars.

San Francisco City destinations

The heart of downtown San Francisco offers much more than shopping, with its numerous restaurants, lively culture, and many things to see. Ideal for a long weekend family travel, first time visitors like you can book yourself at the many destinations in the city and spend the days exploring various landmarks such as Pier 39, or treat your family to world class chocolate at Ghirardelli Square. San Francisco is known for its Golden Gate, world renowned destinations. There is also the San Francisco Zoo, for a nature trip within the city. Also check out the Alcatraz Island boat tours, Napa Valley Wine, the famed Lombard Street, Cable Car Rides, and the vintage Haight Street.

By: Alex J Smith

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Cambodia Adventure Travel

decided on taking this Cambodia adventure travel it is time to make yet another decision: do you mind travelling with other tourists or not? If you don’t mind, your best bet is to try a travel agency who will assist you with your booking of the flights and hotels.


The travel agency will also be helpful with choosing the best tourist locations that will be sure to reveal as much of the Cambodian culture as well as Cambodian country sightseeing.

If you are a real adventurous type and you don’t like being in the company of other tourists than you have the option of just getting yourself over there and find it out all yourself once you’re there. Cambodia is a fantastic beautiful country and the people are ever so nice. The country is filled with thousand and one things to see and to do. You can get a general idea of its beauty by going to any travel website and enter the keyword " Cambodia".

Most people will immediately think of Angkor Wat, when thinking of Cambodia, and rightfully so. The Khmer people who established the mighty civilizations on the bank of the Mekong River reached the pinnacle of their cultural and religious activity during the period of Angkor Wat in the second half of the twelfth century. The best period for a visit is December through to February. The humidity is at its lowest then and there is not much rain. Temperatures range in the 22 to 25 degrees centigrade. From February on the temperatures are on the rise and can go to 40 degrees in April! The rainy season starts in May and goes on till October. Mind you it will not rain all day long but in heavy bursts.

A day pass to Angkor costs 20 dollars, a three day pass 60 dollars. Since the complex is vast ( the complex is more than 154 square miles en counts dozens of temples) you are well advised to plan your trip carefully: the best times to visit the temples are sunrise and sunset. Even in the rain the temple complex is magnificent and enchanting.

Despite all this beauty we should not forget that the country knew decennia of war and terror by the Khmer Rouges of Pol Pot and only in the early eighties things stabilized. Whenever you have the chance to meet Cambodian people one always wonders what they did during the Khmer Rouge regime: were they victims or aggressors? In most cases the answer stays in the mist… maybe better that way.

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