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Looking for the Cheapest Business Travel Insurance

You can travel on business purposes in your country for a day or two or you can travel abroad for more days, for a week or for longer. In any of these situations, you need business travel insurance. Even though money is not really a problem, you may look for the cheapest business travel insurance company. If you need to travel; quite frequently to visit your business partners in order to ensure the success of your business, especially if it is urgent, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on insurance.

Duplicate changes in this section:  Content: You can travel on business purposes in your country for a day or two or you can travel abroad for more days, for a week or for more time. In any of these situations, you need business travel insurance. Even though money is not really a problem for you, you may look for the cheapest business travel insurance company. If you need to go quite frequently to visit your partners in order to ensure the success of your business, especially if they are critical, it is no use spending a lot of money on insurance.

If you do not travel very frequently, you can purchase business travel insurance for a single trip. On the other hand, if your business requires many visits to a foreign country, for example, you can purchase business travel insurance for a year and obtain the cheapest business travel insurance. Here are some situations when cheap insurance can be a real advantage for you:

An unwanted and annoying situation for a businessperson can be to find out from his or her partner that their meeting has just been cancelled. The same feeling can be  triggered by a meeting that is rescheduled, but at least you can have the advantage of business travel insurance that can cover the postponing or the cancellation of a trip.

The cheapest business travel insurance is very useful if you fall ill just before an important business trip. If your company cannot replace you with another person, it can mean the loss of  a lot of money without insurance. There are travel insurance packages  to cover your replacement, including accommodation and flight. In this case, your absence will not cost the company money or affect the trip.

Furthermore, international business can be complicated. Many unwanted and unexpected situations can arise when you may be distracted and  equipment can be stolen or lost. Such losses can negatively affect a business trip, or they can even ruin it. Even though it would be better to avoid such situations, the good news is that you can purchase the cheapest business travel insurance that can cover the cost of the lost equipment. This type of insurance may include the delivery of a new replacement.

Nevertheless, you must pay attention to and do everything possible to protect the data you own, as in the case of a theft of your laptop, for example. A USB stick or a DVD can be useful for the storage of crucial data for your business but they can be easily lost.

There may be situations when you do have travel insurance, but it is not specifically business travel insurance. It only covers holidays. Therefore, if you really need business travel insurance pay attention to the policy you get from the insurance company to make sure it is the correct one.

Last, but not least, this type of travel insurance is necessary if you face a medical emergency. It might not be a serious injury, but medical costs are very expensive, especially in the USA.

By: Clint Jhonson

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Dirt Cheap Flights: How to Get Dirt Cheap Airfare Tickets and Save Money

You don’t have to worry about getting access to dirt cheap flights anymore.  There’s no need for you to break the bank either! Right now, I’m giving away 3 helpful tips on how you can make the most of your hard earned money!

Dirt cheap flights are not that difficult to avail of. Reading this article right now already gets you one step further to scoring the cheapest plane tickets to your dream destination! Here are 3 ways you can get yourself on that plane without having to get dirty yourself!

Dirt Cheap Flights Tip 1: Check for seat sales.

Contrary to popular belief, airlines don’t always get a full booking. It only seems that way in the movies. To help fill out all the seats, airlines work with various consolidators. These consolidators then go on to sell these seats for a much lower price. So, keep your eyes and ears open for such sales!

Dirt Cheap Flights Tip 2: Book round trip tickets.

A lot of airlines actually offer cheaper fares to those who reserve round trip rather than those who only buy single trip tickets. Besides, it minimizes the hassle of having to conduct another ticket purchase!

Dirt Cheap Flights Tip 3: Book flights early.

This is the cardinal rule when it comes to very cheap airfare. It’s always important to book your flight early. If you book your trip around 21 days before the flight, you’ll be getting the best deals. However, if you wait until two weeks before the flight, you can bet it’s going to be more expensive.

Everyone loves a good bargain. And these dirt cheap flights don’t get any better than this. All you have to do is be more observant and sensitive to news about airlines, book round trip tickets and book flights early!

By: Michael Lee

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Choosing the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

One of the major responsibilities of the groom is to plan and pay for the honeymoon destination. While some grooms out there may plan the entire thing by themselves with the honeymoon destination remaining a secret to the bride, many others enlist the help of their brides to help them choose the perfect honeymoon destination for them. If you’ve never thought of what kind of honeymoon destination you’d like to have, then now is the time to start considering it. Trust me, the earlier you discuss the different honeymoon destination possibilities, the earlier you can get everything taken care of, and perhaps save a bit of money by making your decisions early. If you are still wondering what kind of honeymoon destination questions to ask, then here are some great tips to helping you get started.

Talk to Each Other About Your Dream Honeymoon Destinations

One of the things that really helped us was to sit down and talk about it. Ask each other questions like this, Would your dream vacation be on a warmer beach, or in a cabin in the mountains with cooler temperatures? Or if they would like to be surrounded by people and things to do, or be secluded on a beach somewhere or if some other place they’ve always wanted to visit for a honeymoon destination, such as Disney World or some other place like. Ask . Be sure to answer the questions honestly, and not just say what the other person wants to hear, your honeymoon destination that should fit both of your tastes and interests. And you’ll only have one honeymoon, so make sure it is something that you will enjoy.

Start Researching Costs for Your Honeymoon Destination

With all of the other expenses you’ll have while planning a wedding, it can be easy to overstep your budget while planning your honeymoon. Be sure to develop a realistic budget and stick with it. The earlier you start planning your honeymoon destination, the better rates you’ll get, and availability of what you want to do. Perhaps the first thing to do is to see a travel agent to see what kinds of deals they have, but then go and look for honeymoon destination websites which offer a lot of help as well. For example, we used Apple Vacations on the internet and purchased an all-inclusive honeymoon deal. They were easy to work with, and they delivered on what they promised.

Reserve Your Honeymoon Destination Tickets Early

Some people will argue with me on this one. I believe that you should purchase the tickets for your honeymoon destination as early as possible to reserve a spot. Others will argue that many honeymoon destination hotels and plane tickets will decrease their costs as the time approaches and they still have availability. We found a great way around this problem, as Apple Vacations offered a security package stating that if we ever found the rates had decreased on us from what we had bought into, that all we had to do was write them a note and they would decrease our fare as well. And it was great, the rates did decrease twice before we went on our trip, and we ended up saving several hundred dollars on the honeymoon, but since we had bought our tickets early, we got the location and hotel that we really wanted. It couldn’t have worked out better.

Choosing your honeymoon destination shouldn’t be to difficult once you discuss what kinds of climates and areas you prefer. If you both want a beach vacation, but the budget is smaller, then you may want to look at staying in the United States and go to Florida, going down into Mexico to Cancun or other tourist hot spot, or even taking a honeymoon cruise and visiting several different beaches on your trip. Your honeymoon destination and what you do should be what both of you want. This is your first vacation together as a married couple, and you’ll never have a second just like it,so make sure both of your interests are represented.

My”>wedding help site will get you off to the right start. Find great ideas for”>Choosing a Honeymoon Destination are just one of many articles, tips and tricks to make your wedding perfect.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comChoosing the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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How Can You Find Cheap Flights to New York?

Are you planning a trip to the Big Apple? There is more to do in New York City than any other city in the world. This makes for a great vacation spot. However, some people get turned off at the though of traveling there because they are afraid that they can’t find any cheap flights to New York.

New York is home some several very large airports. This makes for great opportunities to the thrifty traveler. John F. Kennedy International alone is home to Jet Blue Airlines and is a major hub for Delta Airlines and American Airlines. When checking for deals, check with these airlines first. You may find what you are looking for right there without a lot of work.

Sometimes it’s best to look at places beside the airlines themselves for cheap flights to New York. For instance, you may be able to get better pricing through a travel agent. Travel agents get their tickets at discounted prices from the airlines if they can bring in enough passengers. Some agents can offer you better deals than others can, so make sure to shop around.

When you purchase your tickets with one of these agents, they will likely try to give you a full travel package. This is also how they make their money. These packages can include hotels, meals and rental cars. If you to take one of these packages you can save money, but if you are only looking for a flight, they will be able to accommodate you. More recently the travel agent has moved on to the internet type of agent. This is an advantage to the person looking for cheap flights to New York. The ones that you may have heard of the most are Priceline, Travelocity, and Orbitz. Using these sites will have an advantage over the traditional travel agent because you can compare the prices of each easier without having to leave your home. When using these sites, check several before making a purchase. You will find that each one has different deals.

Regardless of who you purchase your tickets from don’t forget about looking into other discounts that you may be eligible for. Military discounts, senior citizen discounts, and student discounts are some that may be available to you. You will need to ask about these when setting up your itinerary. Like most places, the time of year that you travel to New York will affect the prices. Most people prefer to visit there during the summer and holidays. Try to avoid these times of the year and you will see better discounts.

Another option to finding cheap flights to New York is to fly standby. What this means is that you will agree to purchase a ticket without a guaranteed seat. You then wait at the airport until there is an extra seat available. Due to the large number of flights in and out of New York makes this option very easy. When shopping around for these cheap flights keep all of these tips in mind. If you do, you will find that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

By: Nemanja Kuzmanovic

Nemanja K. is the owner of cheap flights search engine, here you can find more info about cheap flights to New York.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Planning to go to the worlds largest theme park for some entertainment? Well, why not also consider finding the best possible airfare to Las Vegas? It is not that difficult since Internet has made everything so easy and within reach of everybody. You will be able to see which airline would be the best for you, should you consider a direct flight or a multi-stop flight and should you buy a round trip ticket or one-way.

These and other decisions will become easy once you have enough information about the latest trends and habits of airlines that schedule flights to Las Vegas from different cities. Lets find out some more about it.

You can look for discount airfares for Las Vegas on the Internet. What you will find is a list of user-friendly websites with a search field to help you narrow down your search by entering the location from where you will be taking off and your departure date. They will then find the cheapest flight possible for you. You can also perform a search by airports. For example, if you are flying from London you will be given a list of popular London airports like Heathrow, and Gatwick etc.

Clicking on one of the airports will take you to a page where all flights are listed from that place to Las Vegas. You can also search for cheap flights for Christmas, New Year and Easter. Since these are peak holiday seasons many sites have special discount deals for these dates. You can even book way in advance, like four to six months before the flight to get cheaper airfare.

The deals and packages offered by these websites include not only the plane ticket, but also your hotel accommodation expenses and the activities you will be taking part in while you are in Las Vegas. You can select from a number of shows and events listed on these websites to see which package suits you the best. Also try to locate a cheap package that includes car rental facility as well. This way you wont have any difficulty in arriving to your destination anywhere in Las Vegas once you are there.

These packages are usually very cheap as compared to individual charges of all these activities. You will also be given an opportunity to select the kind of food you would want to have in Las Vegas. Planning a trip to Las Vegas is nearly as eventful as actually arriving there and being a part of all that.

You can save up to 75% on your overall expenses when you choose to buy one of these combo packages. PriceLine is a popular online consolidator website where you can go to search for a cheap flight to Las Vegas given your preferences. Expedia and Travelocity are equally popular for providing cheap airfare to travelers wishing to go to Las Vegas for a vacation.

Going to Las Vegas will be a lifetime experience for you and your family, so do not plan it haphazardly. Keep in mind all your needs and requirements and then choose a deal online that will not only provide you with all that you want, but will also save you a lot of money to spend on other activities.

By: George Wood

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Get Cheap Flights To India: Make Your Trip Memorable

Cheap flights can improve your vacation in a variety of ways. Probably the most obvious is that few of us have the means to take a vacation with no concern about the cost. Nearly all of us must budget carefully for our trips. When we save money on our flight, we have more money for other parts of our vacation.

When you are planning a vacation, there are several financial components that must be investigated. When budgeting, the cost of transportation, accommodations, meals and entertainment are all part of the vacation package. Assuming you have a specific amount of money allocated for the entire trip, spending less money on airline travel leaves more money available for entertainment, upgrading your accommodations or eating out at nicer restaurants.

When budgeting for a vacation, the first consideration for many people is the cost of the flight. After all, there is no point in researching accommodations if the trip itself is too expensive. Likewise, even if you can afford the flight, if it is more expensive than you planned, your accommodations may have to be taken down a notch.

Another way that cheap flights can improve your vacation is that they can allow you to take more frequent trips than you may otherwise be able to. Airline tickets to India are often the most expensive part of a vacation trip. Lowering these costs means that you have more money for additional trips.

Find these lower priced fares

Finding low cost airline tickets requires a combination of good luck and research. There are several ways to find cheap airplane tickets, and spending the time is most often worth the trouble.

Purchase your tickets early – Search online sites for your tickets to India well in advance. Buying your ticket very early is often a good way to secure cheap airline tickets.

Purchase your tickets late – If you wait until the last minute you can often find cheap tickets to India. The problem with buying tickets this way is that you may not be able to choose the arrival or departure time that works best for you. Also, if you are traveling with several people, it can be hard to find several tickets rather than one.

Use a travel agent – Travel agents are in business, so, of course, their service is not free. However, a good travel agent can save you more money than they charge by finding the best flight at the lowest cost. They can often provide a package deal so that the combined cost of your flight and accommodations are less expensive than any arrangements you could make yourself.

All the tips mentioned above can help you to find cheap airline tickets. Buying early or using a travel agent are two methods that are often easier to fit with a traditional vacation schedule. Buying at the last minute leaves a great deal to chance, and is often better suited for someone without firm plans once they arrive at their destination.

If you plan to buy your airline tickets through an Internet site, there are two basic choices. The first is through the airlines company website. Buying tickets on the company website give you the benefit of buying airline tickets without paying a fee. While this may seem like the cheapest way to go, it doesn’t always work out that way. Other websites may list comparable tickets for less money.

Secondly, Internet search site is traditional Internet booking agencies. These websites often provide a good price on tickets. They check a variety of websites and provide you with the lowest price deals. They do charge a fee for their service at the time you purchase the ticket.

If you are searching for the lowest price airfares on the Internet it makes sense to check these options. None of these types of websites consistently offer the lowest price ticket. Take the time to check prices on a variety of sites before you make your purchase.

So, book your tickets to India early and safe to travel in India, as you will discover for yourself. Even if you have trouble reading in any city or region, do not be discouraged, since most of India is safe at all times.

By: Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism and flights to India. related topics. He has authored many books on cheap tickets to India and cheap flights to India.

Existential Migration: Feeling at Home as the Foreigner

Red howler monkey 

Jumping red howler monkey. Photo by monkeyboy1.

I could tell it was time to move on. Eight years I had spent working for the same company. It had been good for both me and them, but times were changing. My boss and mentor had been let go, and the business focus of my department was shifting away from my core skill set. I needed to find something new to do.

This is the position I found myself in during the first few months of 2008. I thought about what I wanted to do next, and came up with a number of options, including moving to another division, moving to another company, starting a new career, starting my own business or going back to school. I spent a month musing on my next move. One idea kept coming forward, getting stronger and stronger as the month progressed. In March, about two weeks before I finally made a final decision on what I would do, I decided to create a list of the options and my thoughts on what I should do next. For one of the options, I wrote the following:

I am part of a community of migrants across the globe, searching out situations where they are strangers in strange lands, all so they can feel at home.

Option: Quit job and move to London.
Analysis: Least sensible option, but for some reason this feels important to do.

That’s exactly what I ended up doing. I moved to London without a job, a place to live or any friends, and I’ve spent the last year sometimes struggling and sometimes thriving as I found a job, made some friends and started to understand English culture. People would sometimes ask me why I did moved from Canada, and I would mumble something about “wanting international work experience” or “hoping to miss the recession by moving abroad,” but the truth was I couldn’t really explain the reason why I did it.

I had moved abroad because I felt like it was what I had to do.

Searching for an Explanation

It has always bothered me somewhat that I haven’t had a better explanation to offer of why I moved abroad. Not for others, but for my own sanity. I have always been a very logical, rational person and have always liked to believe that I am in control of my actions. So faced with the realisation that I did something simply because it “felt right” without any logical or rational explanation had bothered me.

Recently, while surfing the internet for expatriate resources, I came across the definition of “existential migration,” and on reading about it, some of that fuzziness about why I picked up and moved started to clear.

Existential migration is “conceived as a chosen attempt to express something fundamental about existence by leaving one’s homeland and becoming a foreigner.”

According to Dr. Greg Madison, the Canada-born, England-based psychotherapist and counselling psychologist who coined the term, existential migration is “conceived as a chosen attempt to express something fundamental about existence by leaving one’s homeland and becoming a foreigner.” It is different from “economic migration, simple wanderlust, exile, or variations of forced migration” in that it is a chosen move, not driven by economic or political needs.

In developing his theory, Madison held intensive interview sessions with a number of voluntary migrants. These voluntary migrants all, to some degree, said that they felt like they couldn’t have stayed in their home country. They had to go. There was something in them that made them pack up and go. This urge to move was not a result of external compulsion, but due to some internal and unclear motivation. It wasn’t motivated by economic goals like increased standard of living or career advancement. In fact, Madison found that those moving internationally often ended up with a lower standard of living once settled abroad.

Rather, it was a need to live a life that was “self-directed.” By choosing to leave, the migrant has taken control of their life, forcing them to consciously work at daily life, and preventing any slippage into unconscious habit.

For these people, being in a foreign place brings a sense of comfort that they don’t get being at home. For many of them, they always felt like outsiders back in their home towns. Living abroad, they are actually outsiders. By matching their external surroundings to their internal feelings, it allows them to be comfortable with their feelings of being outside. Living abroad allows them to still feel out of place, but at the same time “at home” with that feeling. Being a foreigner allows them to feel as if they both belong and also maintain distance and independence.

The existential migrant – a term which Madison uses reluctantly, as he views existential migration as a process through which people go through, not a persistent condition or pathology to be diagnosed or cured – is a stranger in a strange land. However, they felt like strangers at home, so being a stranger is a “normal” feeling for them. Being abroad brings their external environment into line with their internal feelings.

Madison’s research covers these topics and a number of other topics, including definitions of home, family relationships and the dreaded question “can I ever go home again?” Madison examines the concept of existential migration in varying depths in works available from his website, from a short article to a research paper to a full blown, 70,000 word manuscript called The End of Belonging, currently available for free download. Within the manuscript, in addition to more scholarly works of psychology, Madison mentions some biographies of migrants like Eva Hoffman’s Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language and Pico Iyer’s The Global Soul: Jet Lag, Shopping Malls, and the Search for Home where the authors exhibit some traits of the existential migrant.

Understanding Myself as an Existential Migrant

Reading the material gathered by Madison, and in particular some of the quotes that he had from those who participated in the research, I could certainly see parts of myself in what they were saying. The inexplicable draw to move and the belief that somehow I couldn’t quite live my life the way I wanted back home were feelings that I shared with those in the study, as well as the feeling of being “at home” as the foreigner.

I remember working in Paris back in 2005, a one day journeying with a Muslim co-worker to visit The Great Mosque of Paris. As my friend went in to pray, I wandered around the building, listening to the local Parisian Muslims speaking to each other in French. I remember thinking at that moment how comfortable I was, even though I was about as foreign as I could have been, speaking neither the language nor being part of the religion. I have visited Mosques in Canada, but never felt the same way. In Canada, I always felt like an intruder – I was the “majority” intruding into the space of the “minority.” That visit in Paris, I felt comfortable. As a foreigner, I was an outsider, even though in reality those in the Mosques in Canada and France probably didn’t view my presence there any differently.

Madison’s works have helped me recognize some of the subconscious feelings that I have had over the past few years, and this recognition has allowed me to consciously dissect these feelings. I am able to recognize times when certain “existential” desires like immersing myself in the unfamiliar or the need to jolt myself out of any habitually or mundane behaviours have impacted my decisions.

Reading the work has also helped calm a nagging feeling I have had since moving to London, that perhaps I didn’t go “far enough.” Since arriving, part of me has felt that in choosing to live in London, a place where most of the people look like me and speak my language, I haven’t really fully immersed myself into the foreign. Understanding that what I might be going through is a process, rather than a destination has allowed me to take a much longer view of my journey. London is a step, but the future holds more steps. London is right for now, being here is heading my journey in the right direction, but the journey is far from over.

What Madison’s work doesn’t explain, and perhaps never will be able to explain, is why I and the others he interviewed feel this compulsion to leave and live in the unfamiliar and unknown. Unlike those quoted in the research that Madison undertook, I didn’t feel like an outsider in my homeland. I had friends and was popular throughout my life in Canada, and got along well with my family. Yet, I still felt the desire to leave. I may be able to recognise and logically discuss the existential urges that have driven my migration, but I am no closer to being able to explain why the urges grip me.

I do take some comfort in the knowledge that others out there feel similar urges, though. I don’t know that I am closer to being able to explain my reasoning to my friends, but at least I know I am not alone in what I was feeling. I am part of a community of migrants across the globe, searching out situations where they are strangers in strange lands, all so they can feel at home.

Travel in Brasil – Great Pocket Guide of Rio De Janeiro by Flashbooking Website

Rio de Janeiro, capital city of the state of the same name, is situated at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, forming an amphitheatre around the Bay of guanabrara on the Atlantic Ocean.

Flashbooking accommodation database is easily available online and comes completed with all relevant information about cheap hostel Rio de Janeiro location, description, contacts, prices, instant real availability, customer ratings, facilities and pictures.

Amerigo Vespucci arrived here for the first time on 1st January 1502, leading a Portugeses expedition who, mistaking the bay for the mouth of a river, gave the area the name ” January River”. “Carioca”, was the name given to the Europeans, by the local Indios, a nick-name, that even today is still used by the inhabitants of Rio.

It’s impossible to accurately calculate the number of residents, those officially counted during the census in 2000, were 5,580,544, but the inhabitants of the Favelas, who may amount to the same number , constantly refuse to take part in any form of census.

Flashbooking staff and management have decided to put at travellers’ and partner hostels’ free disposal some useful tools as some pocket travel guides, written for giving the essential information about the most visited cities in the world. Especially created for a quick visit, a week end, a city break, these free pocket guides are printable and downloadable online. The staff efforts concentrate on making them simple to read and with a nice format and full of essential hints on where to go, things to see, shopping and markets, quality places reasonably priced where to eat or hang out in the nights, budget hostels and cheap hotel deals to book, emergency numbers and more.

Recently put at travellers’ disposal is another useful tool: the Free Pocket City Guide of Rio de Janeiro. This free travel guide of Rio contains, in just 9 printable pages, all the essential information and very good suggestions about the Rio flea markets, Museums and Art Galleries, budget restaurants and cheap lodgings, classic itineraries you can’t miss, transports and a lot more. The Rio de Janeiro Travel Pocket Guide comes with colour pictures and it is free and downloadable for anyone who wish to book and go!

Rio is one of the major economical and cultural centres of the South American Continent, an immense city, chaotic and contradictory, which symbolises and perfectly synthesizes the situation of the entire nation, both from the historical point of view and the a social point of view; Rio a city with a thousand faces.

See Flashbooking database of selected accommodations worldwide and help us enlarging the hostel offer by reporting the contacts of some accommodations, lodgings, bed and breakfast Rio de Janeiro, youth hostels and budget small hotels where you personally stayed. In fact, Flashbooking policy tends to privilege small and family-run hotels in order to promote an alternative tourism respectful of cultures and different societies.

If you also have a personal website or a travel blog, or even manage a youth hostel or a hotel accommodation, and are interested in the travel city guides, you can collect all of them and put at your visitors’ disposal.

Other city pocket guides of top European cities are: the London guide, the Rome guide, the Amsterdam guide, the Paris guide, the Prague guide, the Barcelona guide and more coming on soon!

So mates, we are looking forward to finding you THE budget accommodation that meets your needs and pocket for your next trip!

By: Michele De Capitani

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from hostels & hotels accommodation and Mrs Vera Bonaventura. For any information, please visit our website to download the travel guides of Rio de Janeiro – Brasil.

Reasons Why People Choose To Cruise Travel

Why do people choose to go on cruises, instead of booking a plane flight? One thing that attracts people to these large boats and cruises is the food. Not only does a cruise offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, they also offer midnight buffets, afternoon snack buffets, ice cream bars and 24-hour room service! There is a veritable open bar on food. You can eat casually or formally. You can have a large meal or a small meal. You can eat with hundreds of people or privately. Keep in mind, of course, that the quality of the cruise line determines the quality of the food. Also remember that many of the cruise ships are feeding approximately 2000 people 10 meals per day!

A cruise offers everything you could possibly want from a getaway: entertainment, relaxation, great food, and variety. Next time, don’t overlook that great big boat out in the harbor.

Entertainment is another attraction. Most cruise lines run full-scale production shows, have live bands, and/or add other specials for the children. The Disney® Cruise line offers meals with Disney characters and special entertainment geared towards the younger crowd. Floating casinos adorn most cruise ships to the delight of many adults who use this as their evening entertainment. Having activities planned throughout the entire day, some cruise lines are like floating day camps. You can be as active or inactive as you choose to be.

Cruises offer one-stop-shopping. Variety. One flight plus one boat equals lots of different locations. It would be impossible to attempt to visit each port individually outside of a cruise line. It would be very expensive and much too time consuming. There would be no time for fun. Once aboard the ship, you leave only to visit the places of port. No need to pack and unpack. No need for unnecessary travel. On the ship, you have any number of things to keep you entertained while waiting for the next docking.

Carnival® Cruises is great for the first time cruiser. It has many departure sites around the country. Land and sea prices are available for those who need to fly to a port of departure. Just a few of the destinations to which Carnival® Cruise Lines will take you include: the Bahamas, Aruba, St. Thomas, St. John, San Juan Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, the Keys, Cozumel, Hawaii, Alaska, Martinique and Barbados.

Celebrity® Cruises is higher-end. It has a sophisticated AquaSpa on board and sports a unique art collection on the Galaxy ship as well. Celebrity® has received a 5-star rating for its cuisine (not food but cuisine). If all of that is not impressive enough, it also includes an in-cabin entertainment and information center.

Radisson® Seven Seas, Seaborn® Cruises and Windstar® Cruises offer even more luxury than the Celebrity® line. The Radisson® offers the ultimate luxurious experience by managing suites only. It also offers unique destinations such as Tahiti, French Polynesia, Antarctica, the Mediterranean, and Europe. The Windstar® line has romantic trimasted ships and sail to the Caribbean, The Americas, the Greek Isles and Europe.

As you can see, there are cruise lines for everyone. These lines are just a few of the many options of cruises. But every line has something which makes it unique, so you might want to do some research to make sure you find the cruise you were looking for.

By: Joe Goertz

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Learn Portuguese and Enjoy Carnivals in Brazil

Learn Portuguese in Brazil and discover the capital of carnival, samba music, joy and rhythm. Enjoy incredible beach parties, colourful fests and the most outrageous cloth designs and costumes as you learn Portuguese in Brazil.

Carnival tradition comes from Greek and Roman tradition in Europe. The so called Carnivale was the time before Lent in Easter. As you learn Portuguese in Brazil you will get to know that the Lent is a period of spiritual preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During this time body pleasures are forbidden, including meat eating. So the carnivale was a profane celebration so as to say goodbye to the flesh temptations and receive the Easter time. Learn Portuguese in Brazil and discover the country with much of the Portuguese influence of the carnivale.

Brazil also received much of the African dancing tradition through slaves in early centuries. As you learn Portuguese in Brazil you will discover both, European and African traditions mixed up in the carnivals and the samba dance.

Samba dance was first practiced by lower classes and black people, later on it was spread all over the population and it has now become the main attraction for those coming to learn Portuguese in Brazil.

Carnival time in Brazil takes place in the incredible city of Rio de Janeiro, though if you learn Portuguese in Brazil you will encounter different fests along the whole country. The parade is organized on the streets so that everyone gets the chance to see it. Learn Portuguese in Brazil and enjoy the thousands of chariots that march along the street. Each chariot is accompanied by a group of people dresses up according to a specific theme. As you learn Portuguese in Brazil watch as each block of people dances samba and the sound of drums never stops.

Carnivals last four days and take place in February or March, dates vary. So you will have the chance to learn Portuguese in Brazil and enjoy these incredible parades.

Outrageous masks, colorful and giant feathers, glittering and shiny clothes, golden outfits and stilts. See all of them together in the funniest party in the world as you learn Portuguese in Brazil.

Brazil offers visitors and incredible number of Samba schools that take part in the annual carnivals. While you learn Portuguese in Brazil, start a Samba course and let the beat conquer your soul.

Other regions in Brazil where carnivals are slightly different are Bahia and Pernambuco. Enjoy both cities as you learn Portuguese in Brazil and find in Bahia a particular fest with an incredible mix of music that includes reggae and axe. In Pernambuco the carnival starts sooner and does not count with the competition between parade groups.

Learn Portuguese in Brazil and enjoy the city and the carnival of San Diego with shows of capoeira dance and batucada. Learn Portuguese in Brazil, visit Rio de Janeiro and encounter the famous “Sambadrome”, a competition building where all Samba Schools in Brazil presents their shows and fight for the first place every year. Learn Portuguese in Brazil and pick your perfect destination to party all day long.

By: Enrique Helmbrecht

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