Best Time to Travel to the Caribbean?

When it comes to the Caribbean, the gorgeous weather can be a double edged sword – as most of us are well aware of the hurricane possibilities and tropical storms that can just as quickly ruin a vacation or make it perfect.

I’m here to fill you in on when the best time to travel to the Caribbean is, your most accurate timeframes for the best overall weather and a few preventative measures to help avoid the ‘hurricane hotspots’.

Caribbean vacation packages fluctuate throughout the year in accordance with the Hurricane season. The deals keep getting better when the Hurricane season becomes more prominent, which is said to be from June 1st to November 30th. Technically this large period is the most ‘at risk’ period for a hurricane, or major/minor tropical storm to develop with as much as 98% of tropical activity calculated to happen between these; the peak between August-October with mid September being the most intense.

But, don’t let these guidelines prevent you from going on a dream vacation – Remember these are only guidelines and nature doesn’t exactly have a timeline for when to land or fly by. And the weather networks do quite a good job at detecting these in good notice.

So when are the best times to go to the Caribbean?

For weather wise, you can’t really go wrong; the climate is quite steady throughout the year, having the same summer periods and winter periods as North America. Summer temperatures hover around 25-29 Celsius (April-August) and winter temperatures around 24 Celsius (November-February).

So how what are a few tricks you should know about before you travel regarding hurricanes?

Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are considered the safest islands, although when hurricanes come around they affect wide ranges. But generally, these are considered to be the ‘safest zones’ during a tropical storm. The low risk-months are the best time to avoid hurricanes and tropical storms all together, although this is no guarantee, this is between December-May. Another way is a cruise-ship vacation, these are able to locate weather patterns during a vacation and avoid them with re-routing the vacation. A must-have for any vacation booked for the hurricane season is weather insurance or weather protection policies. Many companies have these but it’s up to you to look into them and get the details on what they offer; as well as resorts that offer specific weather insurance.

So there’s the most accurate information I can provide, it’s quite general but it does offer a good protocol to go through on what to watch for to help be more prepared for a holiday booked during a hurricane season, or just to get some general information.

By: Ethan Wollmann

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